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JPM specializes in supervision and construction services for the business sector – from architectural and engineering design, construction project management and design of interior spaces, to selecting the office equipment just before moving in. Project management is carried out in an entirely transparent way, with strict adherence to budget and schedule, and a clear understanding of the customer’s needs.

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About JPM

JPM was established in 2014 as a company for management and supervision of construction projects in all branches of the business sector. We build a budget and operative plan suited to the needs and requirements of each project – from characterization of the company’s needs and finding the desired asset to installing office equipment, after a thorough check of all building processes.

Since its establishment, JPM has successfully guided dozens of projects varying in scale – moves to new office buildings, expansion of existing offices or renovation and design only. The consultancy offered by JPM starts with forming the initial concept with customer organization representatives, professional consultations with architects and engineers to the project’s execution stage – all the way until moving into the new work space.

Knowledge creates value

JPM is led by experienced professionals knowledgeable in managing construction projects as well as customer service designed to get the project completed in as short a time as possible, and with the highest return on investment.

We see the utmost value in providing a personal response to each call, as well as transparency in the conducting of affairs over the entire process. All of this, in order to give the organization the time and space it deserves in order to focus on its core activity, without outside disturbance. JPM is deeply familiarity with the local market. All of the professionals we work with—suppliers, consultants and contractors—have been carefully hand-picked and screened over the years and form an integral part of our success.

Close guidance throughout your growth process

One of JPM’s core values is customer representations within the allotted period of time, which we are committed to giving our customers the best result in the construction, design and transition processes. We form an integral part of the delicate, critical success of the change in your company; therefore, we will always make sure to guide your project in the most responsible, professional and sensitive way through all stages of the process.


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J Project Management provides a comprehensive and professional solution for the execution of construction and finishing works in the business sector, from the initiation phase up to the final inspection. Our customers benefit from high availability and sensitivity during all stages of the project and we believe that integrating a management company at an early stage will yield the best results.

Initiation and requirements

Initiation and requirements

Understanding the customer's needs and nature and turning them into a master plan. Setting up a schedule and estimated initial budget. Consulting and assisting with the selection of the project's architect and consultants. Scheduling current progress meetings in co-operation with a customer representative.



Monitoring of selected architect and consultants until delivery of the final design for execution. Coordination and management of tenders and bids from all contractors and suppliers. Setting up a schedule and final budget, including review points throughout the project. Scheduling current planning meetings in co-operation with the customer.

Tenders and Contracts Management

Tenders and Contracts Management

Coordination with the client's legal advisor concerning drawing up contracts and dealing with various suppliers. Client representation in managing negotiations with all contractors. Comparing and analyzing bids/tenders, and providing the customer with recommendations in a transparent and collaborative manner. Insurance assessments for the entire project.



Management and coordination of the work of contractors and suppliers according to the work plan. Supervision of the quality of work and materials on the site according to the project specifications. Conducting frequent meetings with the execution contractors according to the stages of the project. Real-time deviation alert, situation evaluation and providing recommendations for further action. Ongoing reporting to the client on the progress of the work and close monitoring of the project's schedule and budget. Receiving the project from the contractor, confirmation with the customer representative and issuing a deviation report. Inspection management during first Year of warranty and taking care of deficiencies until completion.

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