Building you a space for work


J Project Management office was established in 2014 and has a diverse clientele from the technology industry. Our office specializes in the management of construction, expansion and renovation projects of company offices through high-quality, responsible, and professional management designed to maximize the end results while meeting the predetermined budget and schedule.

Our office attributes great value to personal response, transparent management, and a high level of service, to give our customers the peace of mind they need to focus on their core activity.  Our office works in cooperation with carefully selected architects, consultants, and technical suppliers to guide the project through all of its stages – from characterization to planning, execution and procurement, until finish and inspection.

Leading Projects

Enabling the customer to continue focusing on his core activity

Our services

J Project Management provides a comprehensive, professional solution for execution of construction and finishing works for the business sector, from characterization to execution and inspection.

Our customers benefit from high availability and sensitivity throughout all project stages. We believe that inclusion of a management firm at an early stage will give the customer better results.

Consulting, guidance, and support for the changing needs involved in the company’s growth.

"I`ve got a theory, if you like your workspace, You`ll love your work a little bit more"

Ussishkin 90, Tel Aviv


Turnkey model – Execution and management

Turnkey model – Execution and management Service according to the Turnkey model means that we are in charge of the entire planning and construction process; of course, in cooperation with the customer at project milestones. We constitute a one-stop-shop for all construction, planning, communications, furnishings services, etc. and the customer works with only one person representing us. The office holds a contractor’s license from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.

Project Management and supervision

Management and supervision services are provided throughout the project, from finding the asset until taking occupancy. We will advise at the time of closing the contract, to help you get the best possible terms. As part of project management, we will give professional feedback on the state of the asset when received, manage the stage of characterizing customer needs including schedule and budget estimation, provide support for the entire architectural design process including work with consultants, manage a contractor's tender, and write the final schedule and budget. As part of supervision, we will coordinate and supervise the contractors and suppliers in the field, hold weekly meetings until the work is completed, and warn of irregularities in real time, including recommendations for subsequent action. Finally, we will handle obtainment of an occupancy permit, preparation of an exception report, and management of a trial year.

Maintenance services

Envelope of ongoing maintenance services for offices, such as cleaning, air conditioner maintenance, building caretaker, care for plants, etc.